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J. Wong wong at rtech.ARPA
Sat May 4 04:20:28 AEST 1985

> With the conference just over the hill, my thoughts turn to what I'm
> going to eat while in Portland.  Would anyone like to post a list of
> restaurants, etc in the area, similar to the list of last summer's
> conference in SLC?
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> dave cohrs
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Subject: Re: burger wars?
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For all you folks heading to Portland in June for USENIX:

	Rock Creek Tavern - A huge burger and just as much fries.  Located
		about 20 miles outside Portland (go out US 26 to Rock Creek)

	L' Auberge - A truly great burger, Sundays only (NW 26th & Vaughan)

	Hamburger Mary's - Same as the one here in the City [SF] (bet you didn't
		know it's a chain :->) (SW Park & Taylor)

	Foothill Broiler - Your basic burger, but good (Uptown Shopping Center,
		NW 23rd & Burnside)


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