Usenix distribution tapes (Was: C++ tape)

Peter H. Salus peter at usenix.UUCP
Tue Aug 2 07:22:22 AEST 1988

In article <3410 at encore.UUCP>, paradis at encore.UUCP (Jim Paradis) writes:
> In article <158 at usenix.UUCP> peter at usenix.UUCP (Peter H. Salus) writes:
> >Individual members of USENIX who wish to obtain a copy of the tape 
> >may request it from the Association Office, which will then send the 
> >requestor a "Tape Release Form."  (etc.)
> Hmmm... this is interesting.  When I was at Usenix, I picked up a
> tape release form only to sigh in resignation when it said in a big
> ONLY".  Nice to know that mere mortals can get the tapes too, but
> it would also have been nice to have had forms for individual members
> available at Usenix.

	Well, of course, you are right.  But this is because 
	the USENIX Board voted to make the C++ tape available
	to members for $125 at their meeting in San Francisco. 
	While I admit to some supernatural powers, I am unable 
	to predict actions of the Board prior to the meeting. 
	I therefore neglected to have new forms printed.  Of 
	course, that's why I posted the information.  There is
	now a special release form for the C++ tape.

> For that matter, I have the 4.3BSD manual order form in front of me,
> and it too says: "The USENIX Association is proud to announce that it
> will be sponsoring production of the 4.3BSD UNIX Manuals for its
> Institutional and Supporting members."  Once again, it APPEARS as
> though individual members are excluded from ordering the manuals.
> Is this correct, or am I reading too much into the form?
	You must have an old form.  It is nearly a year since 
	4.3BSD manuals were made available to all members.  The 
	form that appeared in ;login: in the September/October 
	1987 issue (and every issue since) made it clear that 
	as a result of negotiations with both AT&T and the 
	Regents of the University of California, the Association
	could now sell manuals to its membership.

> On the topic of membership:  I paid the extra $20 for Usenix membership
> along with my Usenix conference registration, but I haven't heard
> anything  yet.  When will those membership numbers be mailed out
> (so I can get my hot little hands on a tape and some manuals)?
	It will take some additional time to process all 
	those who ticked off the appropriate box on the 
	San Francisco registration form, because nearly a 
	thousand folks did so, double Atlanta and nearly double the
	Phoenix numbers.  Send in your order.  If you are a member, 
	we'll figure it out.  (Incidentally, membership numbers 
	appear on the ;login: mailing labels (*except* for the 
	990 new ones).

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