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Wed Aug 31 18:32:50 AEST 1988

>From article <4198 at pdn.UUCP>, by reggie at pdn.UUCP (George W. Leach):
>       How about reprinting papers from EUUG Conferences that are not so
> widely available here in the US?  In fact, Mike O'Dell could start with
> one of his own that I recently saw a reference to:
> 	Mike O`Dell
> 	What They Don't Tell You About Window Systems,
> 	EUUG Conference Proceedings, September 1987,
> 	Dublin, Ireland

There is the usual problem of copyright, EUUG doesn't hold the copyright
on the individual papers. 

Copies of proceedings are available from the EUUG Secretariat, VISA
credit cards are accepted.

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